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LPH TF-IDF Analysis

The Rules have Changed!!!
It is now a Mobile First Semantics Search Environment
Employ TF-IDF to get the highest rankings with the
semantics focused search engines Google, Yahoo & Bing


 The number of websites competing for top ranking positions is expanding rapidly and the ways to achieve those high search engine rankings have evolved.

Search engines now use linguistic data sets to assist in understanding "entity salience" on web pages. Simply stated: how often related terms are used on a page determines how important a specific subject is. Topical relevance in search results has become more important than the presence of individual keywords.

Today, true website optimization requires a focus on entire semantic term groups instead of individual search terms and  rankings require a much more sophisticated process including a TF-IDF analysis.*

* TF-IDF is an abbreviation for "Term Frequency - Inverse Document Frequency." It is used to measure the importance of a given keyword on a page and throughout the entire website.   By analyzing a larger set of pages TF-IDF determines how important a specific search term is. Because Google uses
TF-IDF in indexing, knowing what the TF-IDF is for a specific term on a high ranking website is very useful information.

By looking at search term usage stats of a large number of your website pages and your high ranking competitors, an analysis using TF-IDF shows:

  • The search terms most important and relevant to your product or service
  • The important search terms in the optimum TF-IDF range of your highest ranking competitors
  • The TF-IDF frequency of your website search terms.

  • The LPH TF-IDF experts have extensive SEO experience, which they combined with sophisticated methodologies necessary to get high rankings. This fusion of TF-IDF and extensive SEO experience helps us get your website the highest rankings in very competitive situations.

    LPH semantic competitor website analysis includes analyzing the most meaningful terms of your highest ranking competitors. Our process will identify online competitors you may not be aware of. Armed with TF-IDF data our highly trained SEO staff does information retrieval, then revises and tests your website until it out performs your competitors.

    A TF-IDF analysis can be done to existing Website Optimized Marketing copy or done when new SEO Marketing copy is created for you website.

    LPH creates a strategic plan for employing our SEO expertise and TF-IDF with: