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Website Visitor Metrics


Web Visitor Analytics

Our metrics team uses advanced analytics and Google analytics to
aid in website optimization and raise your website score

"To grow successfully, you need precise data analysis driving all key decisions... Otherwise, you’re just winging it—and you’ll never make the most of your marketplace. It’s not just the Ubers of the world that need access to a designated team of quants. A math department is the hottest new function of the 21st century for companies in every industry." Fortune Magazine, July 2015

Website Visitor Metrics

When visitors come to your website via Google – then immediately click the back button to keep searching–your rankings for that page AND your entire website get lowered. The search engines track how long a visitor was on your website and when there is a click back. They regard a high percentage of immediate click backs as a big negative signal.

Gone are the days when having 4 or 5 great web pages got you high rankings. Google and the others now analyze website content AND visitor behavior for the ENTIRE website. A few poor pages with a high bounce rate pull down rankings for the entire website.

To have a successful web presence today you must use metrics to measure what is effective and what areas need improvement.

LPH Advanced Web Visitor Analytics

Tracking your website’s visitors and conversions activity is crucial to ensuring the pages are functioning efficiently and the rankings do not suffer. When armed with concise data actions may be taken to consistently improve your website's effectiveness.

The LPH Metrics program, in conjunction with Google analytics, provides the metrics and search analytics needed to make well informed Internet marketing decisions. With the LPH program you receive a monthly report providing comprehensive visitor activity reporting. AND–as an added bonus–you also receive a quarterly comprehensive review and consultation with LPH Internet marketing experts.

During the consultation our experts review your data and furnish you with an insightful analysis–arming you with information needed to appropriately allocate your content marketing resources.

The LPH Advanced Website Visitor Metrics program goes beyond Google Analytics, which provides Google information. With the LPH program you receive unbiased data analyzing visitor behavior, allowing you to make the most effective Internet marketing decisions.

The LPH Advantage:
  • Using our analytics tools we create comprehensive monthly visitor metrics reports with web analytics that include detailed visitor data for all searches, embedded Google  analytics data, the geo location of visitors, pages visited and time spent on your website.
  • Conducting quarterly consultations with LPH Marketing experts who present an analysis of the data sets with recommendations to increase the efficiency of your website marketing activities.
  • Understanding this important website data allows for corrective actions to be taken, improving the content marketing and load times on under performing pages
What do the website metrics reports look like? What information do they provide? View A Sample Report

LPH Monthly Metrics reports include:
  • Number of visits
  • Overall conversion rate for the site and each page: Visitors going to additional pages from entry page
  • Overall Website Visitor Effectiveness*:
    • How much time did a visitor spend?
    • How deep into the site did they go?
    • How many pages did they visit?
    • Did they have repeat visits?
  • Website Effectiveness by visitor location and language
  • Effectiveness of each web page
  • Total Number of visitors per key words and the rate of conversion for each key word
  • Total Number of visitors per device type and the conversion rates for each device type
  • Website Traffic by Search Engine
  • Bounce Rates and recommendations on how to reduce bounce rates
  • Website data from various traffic sources
  • Embedded Google Analytics data
  • Website visitor conversions mobile device vs. desktop
  • Social Media Traffic
  • Ecommerce Tracking (if applicable)
  • A cross matrix of the web analytics data sets showing all the metrics information on a granular level

*Website visitor metrics - Measuring the effectiveness = how much time spent on an individual page or on the website.

In many cases, LPH customers with PPC programs have shifted their focus to search terms that yield a higher rate of conversion and modified their PPC programs– saving money.

Monthly website metrics reports and quarterly consultations ensure you make informed decisions about:
    1. The efficiency of your website’s pages
      2. Organic search results
        3. Any PPC campaigns

    The report data helps determine which pages resonate with visitors and which pages need improvement. The consultation with our Internet Marketing experts ensures you focus and invest in those areas that improve your bottom line.

LPH Metrics program one time set up investment:


LPH Metrics program monthly reports & quarterly consultation investment
per quarter based on annual program commitment


Employ LPH and start making informed marketing decisions for your investment $$$.
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