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Affordable Customized Open Source CRM

Affordable Customized SuiteCRM

is hosted SugarCRM with extensive customization. Our CRM solution is modified to work effectively in your business environment.
The LPH custom CRM solution resides on our high performance servers always deploying the latest version of SuiteCRM - a fork off SugarCRM with enhanced capabilities.

Get LPH customized CRM with functional parity with
SalesForce Lightning Enterprise saving 75% per user,  $1,350.00 per year/user

Detailed information about the functionality and very reasonable investment for LPH's Customized CRM solution may be found at

A reasonable setup & customization investment coupled with a very affordable monthly per user fee makes the LPH customized CRM solution very affordable to small and medium sized businesses.

Your custom SugarCRM/SuiteCRM setup includes:

  • Customized SuiteCRM  Lead, Contact, Opportunity and Account layouts
  • Customized SuiteCRM  Email templates
  • SuiteCRM Team management - to control access to accounts and information
  • SuiteCRM Campaigns - to effectively manage Email and direct mail campaigns
  • SuiteCRM Users - input their data and assign to a Team(s)
  • Email setup
  • Role management - define the roles for Teams and Users
  • Target Lists - defines who receives Campaign information
  • Quote capabilities
  • Contract capabilities
  • Invoice capabilities

Access to easy to follow step by step SuiteCRM tutorials with screen shots and online interactive training is also included in the LPH customized SugarCRM setup. At the conclusion of the training, your managers will be able to add/edit Campaigns, Email templates, Roles and Users. Your users will be able to efficiently add new clients and client data into the system, add new Target Lists and use Campaigns to effectively and efficiently communicate with your clients.

LPH has an effective Customized Open Source CRM process to import contacts from ACT, Goldmine, Outlook and Salesforce into SugarCRM, The import client data program is available on an affordable RFQ basis, providing a smooth transition to SuiteCRM.
  • Sync Contacts, Products, Quotes and Invoices from SuiteCRM
  • Bidirectional Sync - User can sync between both QuickBooks and SuiteCRM.
  • Options to sync records Manually and Automatically
  • Sync all records from QuickBooks / SuiteCRM at once or selected set of records
  • Option to map fields between SuiteCRM and QuickBooks
  • Option to sync selected status records to QuickBooks (apply only for Quote and Invoice)
  • Save mapping option as template to use as default and change when needed ( apply only for Quote and Invoice)
  • Advanced QB Queue option handles auto sync to sync scheduled and error records when they meet requirement
  • Log feature provides detailed view on all sync that was done.
  • Sync Records in Batch rather sending all at once.
Other CRM platforms can have significant ongoing costs. Your ongoing investment with the LPH SuiteCRM solution is about $40.00 per week for five users for the full featured LPH custom SugarCRM solution.

The LPH custom SugarCRM solution is finely modified to ensure it meets your specific CRM requirements.

Please contact LPH about your Customized Open Source CRM needs.

We will be pleased to provide a proposal that address your CRM requirements.

To learn more about how LPH SuiteCRM can help your business Contact us at 949-497-8716 or email