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Schema Microdata is a type of Structured Data with Schema Markup that makes it easier for a search engine to interpret the information on your website pages more effectively, allowing them to serve relevant results to users based on search queries. It has a set of informational tags, including rich snippets, introduced with HTML5, that allow websites to better present information to the search engines. As a result of including rich snippets your web pages become eligible for being included in rich results. Microdata schemas are organized by types. These “types” help identify your product or service(s) by a combination of attributes including images, descriptions, and brand names. Qualifying the content types assists Google in a better understanding of the context of your web page information. Having a rich snippet in your structured data is beneficial for Google search. Schema markup must be in defined categories. Using rich snippets enriches your website SERP results. An important aspect of content marketing is incorporating rich snippets into your text in a meaningful way.

Several years ago Google, Yahoo and Bing agreed to a standard for Schema Markup and LPH is totally compliant with the defined standards for rich snippets. The structured data that is included in Microdata help the search engines further refine their results so that customers who want to find what you offer will. LPH uses a structured data testing tool to ensure the schema markup meets all the search engines requirements.

The benefit of having the Raise Your Website to the Search Ranking Pinnacle program is Google, Bing and Yahoo rank websites that have search engine optimized content AND Schema Microdata with rich snippets at the top of their search engine listings providing search results that makes your business  successful.

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Schema Microdata Experts

The good news is applying Microdata is very complex and difficult to do, which means very few companies doing SEO will do it to the defined standard
, giving any website with correctly applied Microdata a visibility advantage with Google, Yahoo & Bing. The LPH Digital Marketing Experts have been successfully deploying Microdata since its adoption by Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search results improve with the implementation of Microdata .

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Please see some examples of Microdata applied to a web page. (Pretty technical stuff. Presented to allow you to appreciate the complexity of applying Microdata tags to web pages)

Examples of Code:

itemscope and itemtype

Starting with an example. Imagine having a page about the movie Western Showdown—a page with a link to a movie trailer, information about the director, etc. Your HTML code could look similar to the code below:


<h1>Western Showdown</h1>

<span>Director: James Hardy (born July 9, 1956)</span>

<span>Western Showdown</span>

<a href="../movies/western-theatrical-trailer.html">Trailer</a>


To start, identify the section of the page that is "about" the movie Western Showdown. To accomplish this, add the itemscope element to the HTML tag that encloses information about the item, like this:

<div itemscope>

  <h1>Western Showdown</h1>

  <span>Director: James Hardy (born July 9, 1956) </span>


  <a href="../movies/western-theatrical-trailer.html">Trailer</a>

a rel="nofollow" href="">Example


By adding itemscope, you are specifying that the HTML contained in the <div>...</div> block is about a particular item.

To make the code really helpful about an item being discussed it is necessary to specify what kind of an item it is. You can specify the type of item using the itemtype attribute immediately after the itemscope.

<div itemscope itemtype="">

  <h1>Western Showdown</h1>

  <span>Director: James Hardy (born July 9, 1956)</span>


  <a href="../movies/western-theatrical-trailer.html">Trailer</a>


This specifies that the item contained in the div is in fact a Movie, as defined in the type hierarchy. Item types are provided as URLs, in this case


Google, Yahoo and Bing are now given additional information about the movie Western Showdown . Movies have properties like actors, director, ratings. Use the itemprop attribute to label properties of an item. For example, to identify the movie director, add itemprop="director" to the element enclosing the director's name. (For a full list of all the properties that can be associated with a movie go to

<div itemscope itemtype ="">

  <h1 itemprop="name">Western Showdown</h1>

  <span>Director: <span itemprop="director">James Hardy (born July 9, 1956)</span>

  <span itemprop="genre">Western</span>

  <a href="../movies/western-theatrical-trailer.html" itemprop="trailer">Trailer</a>


Note that we have added additional <span>...</span> tags to attach the itemprop attributes to the appropriate text on the page. <span> tags don't change the way pages are rendered by a web browser, so they are a convenient HTML element to use with itemprop.

Google, Yahoo and Bing can now understand not just that is a URL, but also that it's the URL for the trailer for the western movie Western Showdown , which was directed by James Hardy.