Cpanel spam box

How to check mail in the spam box using Cpanel 

To check spam go to your web site/cpanel as shown below, using your web site's URL +/cpanel .

check spam

When a pop up menu comes up fill in your web site's user name and password. (This information was supplied to you when your hosting account was set up.) Click OK.

spam checker

Scroll down until the Email section appears. Click on Mail Accounts.

webmail spam c heck

The screen below will appear. Click on Access Webmail for the account you wish to check spam.

Cpanel spam check

The screen below will appear.  Fill in Password. Click on Login.

track spam

Click on Horde.

eliminate spam

Click on Login.

spam management
  Click on mail
Your Emails will display. You can read, delete, forward and send Emails from the Horde Email application.
To see the spam emails click on the pull-down menu in the upper right corner of the web page and select spam (see below)


spam reduction