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Cpanel File Download

This information is provided by LPH as a courtesy. We suggest that you print out the tutorial and carefully follow the instructions. LPH doesn't have a fee structure or the staffing to do one on one training. We hope everyone understands and good luck with your downloads. 

How to use Cpanel File Download

1. To use Cpanel File Download please go to your web site/cpanel as shown below,using your web site's URL +/cpanel.

Cpanel File management

2. When a pop up menu comes up fill in your web site's user name and password. (This information was supplied to you when your hosting account was set up.) ClickOK.

Cpanel File upload

3. The screen below will appear. Click onFile Manager.

Cpanel Filemanagement

4. The file folder menu will pop up in a menu – see below. The screen below will appear. Select Web Root. Click on Go.

manage Cpanel Files

5. Navigate to the folder that has the file(s) you want to download. Note: the example file is in the uploads folder. Click on the file(s) you want to download. Next click on the Download icon (circled in red)
upload to Cpanel Files

6. The pop up menu below will display. Select "Save File"
download Cpanel File s
7. Click "OK" and the file(s) will be saved to your computer.
Save the link to the download connection as a favorite so you can quickly access the folder and files in the future.After the file(s) have been dowloaded, we suggest that you delete the files. You will avoid having your hosting account fill up with old files. Just highlight the files and click the Delete icon.

As an alternative, there are FTP clients (software) that also transfer files. Using a search engine, search for FileZilla or WS_FTPsoftware. Their websites have instructions on how to install and use their software.