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How to view web stats

To view web stats, please go to your web site/cpanel as shown below, using your web site's URL +/cpanel.

website stats

When a pop up menu comes up fill in your web site's user name and password. (This information was supplied to you when your hosting account was set up.) Click OK.

web visit stats

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The screen below will appear. Click on Awstats or Webalizer. The process is the same for both stat programs.

web visitors stats

The screen below will pop up. Click on View button for visitor stats. Click on SSL if your site has https pages.

stats on visits

                             The info below (& more) will display

                                stats on websit visits

Please note the monthly summary shows the number of unique visitors and excludes any not viewed traffic.

To determine your website's conversion ratio divide the number of customers that contacted your business for the month as a result of visiting your website by the number of unique visitors as listed in your stats.

The higher your website's conversion ratio, the better your marketing message resonates with potential customers.

To determine how sticky your website is view the Pages column above. The more pages viewed per average visit the stickier your website is. There is a correlation between the number of pages viewed and the conversion ratio.

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