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Setting up Thunderbird email accounts

There two methods for setting up an email account on Thunderbird..

# 1 is the automatic method   https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/automatic-account-configuration

#2 is the manual method https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/manual-account-configuration

We suggest that you try the automatic method first.
IMAP incoming is 443  POP3 incoming is 995.
IMAP and POP3 outgoing is 587

Use complete email address for user name  you-name@yourwebsite.com
email server is mail.yourwebsite.com

LPH doesn't know what your email passwords are and you can change them by going on Cpanel.

Good luck with changing over to Thunderbird. It is better than Outlook.

If you decide to setup a IMAP email account please know the purpose of a IMAP email account is NOT to be permanent stoage of emails.
There are companies that offer free virtually unlimited email acccounts. The problem your email data is mined and sold.
LPH respects and guards your privacy. All website data and email account data is stored on RAID servers - real time back up of all data to other disk drives. Also all data is backed up daily, weekly and monthly with signifigant bandwidth and storage costs.

Emails that are older than 30/60 days with access not needed in multiple locations with multiple devices should be stored locally.

This information is provided as a courtesy. LPH doesn't have staff nor do we charge for setting up email accounts on client computers.
If you have issues that are not addressed by the tutorials please consult your computer support person or LPH can recommend a superior support person who can assist remotely.