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Google Core Web Vitals

What are Google Web Core Web Vitals? Why are they important?

Google Core Web Vitals uses three main metrics to measure how vistors visitors experience a website.

It's important to understand how visitor experience affects search engine rankings: Google wants to direct visitors to sites that perform well;poorly performing websites do not achieve the same ranking levels.

As a result, excellent Google Core Web Vitals results are critical to your Internet success.

The three main metrics that must meet Core Web Vitals criteria for a good user experience are:

largest contentful paint

(LCP) Loading time=how long it takes for a visitor to see the page

Google statistics states that 52% of visitors click the back button when a web page takes 3 seconds to load

Largest Contentful Paint considers the largest page elements: images, videos, and blocks of text=meaningful because it measures how visitors experience the web page's loading speed.

For good Core Web Vitals the LCP rating must load in 2.5 seconds or less: faster loading improves your LCP score.

Google gives website pages a LCP score that is categorized as Good, Needs Improvement, and Poor.

Here is the scoring for LCP:

  • • Good=2.5 Seconds or less
  • • Needs Improvement =2.5 seconds or greater
  • • Poor=3 seconds or greater
  • LPH's LCP standard is 2 seconds or less

    first input delay

    (FID) Activity time= how long it takes visitor for interactivity within the page

    First Input Delay measures the time it takes for a visitor to interact with the web page. Examples: clicking a link, tapping a button, or entering information in a field.

    Google gives website pages a FID score that is categorized as Good, Needs Improvement, and Poor.

    Here is the scoring for FID:

    • • Good=100 milliseconds or less
    • • Needs Improvement= 100 milliseconds or greater
    • • Poor=300 milliseconds or greater
    • LPH's FID standard is 85 milliseconds or less.

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      (CLS) Visual stability=how much movement is there with the page's elements

      (CLS) Cumulative Layout Shift measures visual stability of the web page, i.e. the severity of those unexpected movements of elements on a page. Having too many moving elements can be disconcerting to the visitor and impact their experience on the site.

      Google gives website pages a CLS score that is categorized as Good, Needs Improvement, and Poor.

      Here is the scoring for FID:

      • • Good =0.1 seconds or less
      • • Needs Improvement=0.1 seconds or greater
      • • Poor=0.25 seconds or greater
      • LPH's CLS standard is 0.075 second or less.

        How can LPH help your website get excellent Core Web Vitals results?

        Very experienced LPH Team Members use sophisticated tools to analyze your website and identify the causes of poor Google Core Web Vitals results. Every aspect of your website is scrutinized, including all images and scripts. Once the analysis is completed we develop an action plan to improve to each of the core metrics.

        Then, we make the recommended improvements and reanalyze. The improvement and reanalysis process is repeated until your website has a good score on all three key metrics. Once the site has a good Core Web Vitals score we send a comprehensive report detailing the improved performance.

        Find out how your website measures up. Contact us today and LPH will provide you with a free Core Web Vitals website check within three business days.
        Our team is committed to helping you achieve the best possible score and more business.

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