LPH Improves Profits with SEO Services, B2B Content Marketing, and Metrics Based Marketing

Here is what our Raving Fans say about LPH's California SEO Experts and B2B Digital Marketing Agency Results
California Search Engine Optimization Experts

Since we have been working with LPH we have been very satisfied and seen a substantial increase in the number of inquiries, requests for quotes and most important a nice  increase in business..

LPH uses metrics data and SEO, along with marketing expertise and knowledge of our business, to make sure Chromal Plating outperforms our competitors on the Internet.

The team at LPH created a website content strategy that resonates with our potential customers; we are pleased to recommend LPH as the Internet Marketing Company for any business that wants to increase volume and profits.

Optimized Semantic Search content

“We have been working with LPH for well over 20 years. We have a small, family owned manufacturing company that has been in business for over 50 years. When Dean and I took over the family business in 2000, most of the business was coming from a few distributors and we only had a few Sky Hook models.

We contacted Jack and Sylvia about creating a website and positioning the website to expand our business presence. It was the best decision we ever made. We worked with them in the last couple of years to completely revamp our website to highlight our expanded product line and custom capabilities. They did an amazing job!

A large portion of our business now comes from our website, with unique contacts coming in daily. I can honestly say that Jack and Sylvia and the team at LPH truly care. They have become really good friends and we rely on them for their knowledge and insight to remain current in our marketing efforts.”

California Search Engine Optimization Experts

We are a Bay Area custom basket and rack manufacturer who gets ALL our new business from our website. We have been working with LPH for over 14 years and the results continue to improve year after year.

Since working with LPH our business has grown over 800% with the LPH Suite of SEO, Marketing, and Metric Programs. Because of the LPH results our website is our only marketing tool.

We are happy to recommend LPH to anyone who wants to improve their website's business.