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We Help Your Business Increase Profits

Founded in 1998, the LPH website optimization professionals have developed full service B2B effective marketing content programs that deliver excellent search engines results, more business and dramatically increase profits.

Link Building, organic search results

Our mission at LPH is to assist the growth and profits of small and medium sized companies by using our Advanced SEO and B2B marketing skill sets to create highly ranked websites that:

  • Have excellent search results
  • Effectively present their unique selling position
  • Convert a higher percentage of visitors into customers
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A SEO Company who understands our Customers' Markets

LPH principals excelled in B2B sales and marketing in industrial environments similar to LPH's customer base–small and medium sized manufacturing and service-related industries.

This "hands on" experience gives us an excellent understanding of the Internet digital marketing services B2B companies need to have an outstanding online presence.

LPH's Search Engine Optimization and B2B Content Marketing programs
deliver more visitor traffic and profits

Advanced Solutions for Website Marketing Success

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LPH ensures our customers thrive while operating in a dynamic environment.

As new technologies emerge LPH stays on top of the Internet changes and implements updated successful SEO and website marketing strategies

SEO marketing strategies

Internet Marketing Company SEO Experts

LPH is the Internet Marketing Company you want to work for you; we assign onr of our SEO Experts who, using best practices gets top SERP results ensuring every page SEO is effective. Every piece of data has high quality content giving organic search ranking a big boost.

LPH SEO Professionals adhere to best search term groupings research practices while doing keyword research. This ensures search engines reward your website with better SERP results and deliver more visitors.

LPH website optimization professionals perform a technical SEO analysis using Google search console, aka webmaster tools. The process ensures excellent search results with the search engines. The well researched search engine optimized marketing copy, Meta description, title and keywords deliver search engine results that create more search traffic and search volume.

Structured Data

Google, Yahoo and Bing use structured data–aka Microdata and JSON-LD–to better understand the content of a web page and reward websites with correctly implemented structured data with higher rankings.

LPH website optimization experts effectively implement structured data: providing the search engines content information about each page's meaning and enhancing rankings.

organic search results, quality content

Strategic Marketing Content

To achieve web marketing success LPH provides effective website content that attracts search engines traffic and converts visitors into customers.

LPH creates effective, well formatted digital marketing copy allowing for easy readability and excellent comprehension. LPH copy ensures visitors understand the benefits of doing business with your company.

LPH content marketers deliver the right message to your target audience for both your website and social media that generates more leads, sales, and ultimately increased profits.

Additional Internet Marketing Services to ensure you reach your business goals

Google Semantic Search: TF-IDF Analysis

The Rules have Changed. 60% of searches are now done with mobile devices. As of March 2021 all website with be ranked by Google using their Mobile-First standard, Not being mobile responsive will negatively affect search engines rankings. To be successful the website user experience must be compliant with the Mobile First Semantics Search requirements.

The number of websites competing for top ranking positions is expanding rapidly and what is required to achieve those high ranking search results have become much more competitive.

LPH assigns an SEO Expert who understands all the ranking factors; they do extensive keyword research to create targeted TF-IDF optimized content to get the highest rankings with semantics focused Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Own Your Market Niche

Totally dominate your B2B market niche with the LPH Suite of SEO and B2B Content Marketing Programs. We combine our effective SEO, attention grabbing marketing content, structured data, and metrics programs for maximum website success.

LPH gets your website the very highest search engine rankings, converting your targeted visitors into customers with great website marketing copy.

LPH helps them do business with you vs. your competition. LPH is here to assist you in every marketing aspect including advising on blog post content, social media posts and link building stratagies.

Advanced Visitor Metrics

Tracking your website’s visitor conversion rate is crucial to ensuring the pages are functioning at the highest level. The LPH Metrics program, in conjunction with Google analytics, provides the metrics and search analytics needed to make well informed Internet marketing decisions.

Armed with concise data actions are taken to consistently improve your website's effectiveness.

Website Competitor Analysis & Competitive Intelligence

Website Visitor Analytics is an important component of website competitor analysis.

LPH's website visitor analytics tracks your competitors - alerts you to any up tick in their search engine rankings and provides you with a web development strategy to outperform them.

Outbound Metrics Based Marketing

Keeping in touch with existing and potential customers is key to any business’s marketing success.

LPH Outbound Marketing manages your outbound email marketing campaigns so you can focus on providing the products or services your customers need.

Mobile Responsive Website Design

LPH creates custom designed mobile responsive websites– promoting your business in a professional manner at an affordable investment.

All web designs are created with a structure compatible with incorporating social media marketing and obtaining high search engine rankings. Mobile resposive is an aboulute requirement with Google Search - Google has migrated to a Mobile-First ranking strategy,

Here’s what our Raving Fans say about LPH Search Engine and Marketing Results

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We’ve been working with LPH since 2010 and now 87% of Walco business comes from our website; in the past eight years our business has grown exponentially every year.

LPH uses metrics data and SEO, along with marketing expertise and knowledge of our business, to make sure Walco outperforms our competitors on the Internet. The team at LPH created a website content strategy that resonates with our potential customers; we are pleased to recommend LPH as the Internet Marketing Company for any business that wants to increase volume and profits.

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We are a Bay Area custom basket and rack manufacturer who gets ALL our new business from our website. We have been working with LPH for over 13 years and the results continue to improve year after year.

Since working with LPH our business has grown over 600% with the LPH Suite of SEO, Marketing, and Metric Programs. Because of LPH’s results our website is our only marketing tool.

We are happy to recommend LPH to anyone who wants to improve their website’s business.

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Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. has been doing business with LPH for some 14+ years: they have become a major partner in the online promotion of our business.

We continue to see growth every year with the attention paid to understanding our product line, knowing our marketplace, and providing extremely detailed analytic reports allowing us to see where the growth is and where we need to make changes.

Jack, Sylvia and all the crew, you’re the best and we owe much of our success to the work you continue to do for us. The Dillon family thanks you and appreciates you!

Learn how LPH can help you increase your business with website strategies that ensure success.
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