LPH Improves Profits with Digital Marketing Suites, SEO Programs and Metrics Based Marketing


Expert Knowledge of our Customers' Markets
Because LPH principals excelled in sales and marketing in industrial environments similar to LPH’s target markets–small and
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medium sized manufacturing and service-related industries–they have an excellent understanding of the digital marketing requirements needed for outstanding success.
  Technologically Advanced Solutions
Operating in a dynamic Search Engine/Content Marketing environment ensures our customers thrive. LPH does that by keeping at the forefront of understanding and implementing new search engine technical requirements as they constantly emerge.
  Enthusiastic References
LPH’s long term customers  who are raving fans will tell anyone about our proven digital marketing track record of substantially improving their  businesses.
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Search Engine Optimization with SEO Experts

LPH is the SEO Company you want to work for you; we assign a SEO Expert who, using best Search Engine Optimization practices, gets top SERP results.

Search engines reward websites with better search results when SEO Experts adhere to best practices.

Digital Marketing

LPH's Top Digital Marketing Experts assist clients from Los Angeles to New York to Rome.

In today’s digital marketing environment connecting happens where potential customers are already spending time–on the Internet.

Metrics Based Marketing

Structured Data

Google Search works hard to understand the content of a web page.

If you want your pages to achieve higher search engine results you can assist Google by providing information about the meaning of a page using structured data, aka microdata.

SEO Rxperts

Own Your Market Niche

Totally dominate your digital market niche.

Get your website the very highest search engine rankings, Convert your target account visitors into customers with great B2B marketing copy. Make them do business with you vs. the competition.

TF-IDF Analysis and Implementation

TF-IDF Analysis

The Rules have Changed. 60% of searches are now done with smart devices. It is now a Mobile First Semantics Search Environment.

Employ TF-IDF to get the highest rankings with the semantics focused search engines Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Advanced Website Visitor Metrics

Advanced Visitor Metrics

Tracking your website’s visitors and conversions activity is crucial to ensuring the pages are functioning efficiently.

When armed with concise data actions may be taken to consistently improve your website's effectiveness.

Website Competitor Analysis & Competitive Intelligence

Website Visitor Analytics is an important component of website competitor analysis .

LPH's website visitor analytics ensures you know where competitors rank with search terms relevant to your business, and why they rank where they do.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound Metrics Based Marketing

Keeping in touch with existing and potential customers is key to any business’s marketing success.

LPH Outbound Marketing manages your outbound email marketing campaigns so you can focus on providing the products or services your customers need.

website competitor analysis

LPH Customized & Hosted CRM

Affordable Customized SuiteCRM is hosted SugarCRM modified to work effectively in your business environment.

The LPH custom CRM solution resides on our high performance servers while always deploying the latest version of SuiteCRM.

LPH Mission Statement

We work closely with our clients to have an excellent understanding of their businesses.

Once this is achieved, we commit to creating a very visible web presence for them— developing a powerful metrics based marketing message to generate targeted traffic to their site.

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Mobile Responsive Website Design

LPH creates custom designed mobile responsive websites promoting your business in a professional manner at an affordable investment.

All web designs are created with a structure compatible with obtaining high search engine rankings.

LPH Gives Back

Free SEO Marketing & Tutorials

LPH has been very fortunate - some say blessed - to have wonderful people become our customers.

Now it is our opportunity to pay it forward by providing free insights to making your business on the Internet more profitable.