LPH Improves Profits with SEO Services, B2B Content Marketing, and Metrics Based Marketing

California Search Engine Optimization Agency Increases Profits

Founded in 1998, the LPH search engine optimization pros have developed full service B2B Internet marketing services that deliver excellent SEO results, more business and dramatically increase profits.

Internet marketing services

Our mission at LPH's California SEO company is to assist the growth and profits of small and medium sized companies. We do this by using our Advanced SEO and B2B marketing skill sets to create highly ranked websites that:

  • Have excellent search rankings
  • Effectively present their unique selling position
  • Convert a higher percentage of visitors into customers
SEO services

LPH CA Marketing Agency has the California SEO experts and Internet Marketing pros who know our Customers' Markets

LPH principals excelled in B2B sales and marketing in industrial environments similar to LPH's customer base–small and medium sized manufacturing and service-related industries.

For over 24 years using this "hands on" experience has provided our Seo and Marketing clients, through out the country, exceptional Internet digital marketing services that B2B companies need to have an outstanding online presence.

LPH's Internet Marketing Services is the best California SEO Agency. LPH located in Orange County near the Los Angeles
and San Diego markets. The LPH Team provides the best SEO strategy and best Marketing strategy delivering more visitor traffic and profits

Enthusiastic References

Pleased SEO References

LPH's long term customers aka "Raving Fans" will tell anyone about our California SEO experts have a proven track record of using technical SEO and understanding the ranking factors This substantially grows their website businesses and profits.

Advanced Solutions for Website Marketing Success

SEO optimization

LPH ensures our customers thrive while operating in a dynamic environment.

As new Search engine requirements emerge LPH implements updated successful website marketing strategies.

marketing strategies

California Search Engine Optimization Experts

LPH is the California marketing agency you want to work for you. We assign one of our California SEO Experts who, using best practices gets top SERP results ensuring every web page is effective. Every page has high quality content giving organic search rankings a big boost. This eliminates the need for Pay for Click.

To ensure excellent results the LPH website optimization professionals perform a technical SEO analysis using Google search console, aka webmaster tools. Also using other sophisticated analytical software tools to do a deep dive into your website's technical performance. The well researched search engine optimized marketing copy, Meta data, and structured data create more traffic and search volume.

Structured Data

Google, Yahoo and Bing use structured data–aka Microdata and JSON-LD–to better understand the content of a web page. They reward websites with correctly implemented structured data with higher rankings.

LPH website optimization experts effectively implement structured data: providing content information about each page's meaning and enhancing rankings.

Strategic Marketing Content

To achieve web marketing success LPH provides website content that attracts traffic and converts visitors into customers.

LPH creates effective, well formatted digital marketing copy allowing for easy readability and excellent comprehension. LPH copy ensures visitors understand the benefits of doing business with your company.

LPH content marketers deliver the right message to your target audience for both your website and social media. The marketing message generates more leads, sales, and ultimately increased profits.

Social Media Marketing

The LPH Marketing team takes the effort and time to fully understand your business,your goals, deliverables and target market(s).

Armed with this knowledge our team creates messaging that resonates with your existing customers and bring in new ones.

As your campaigns roll out the LPH team monitors the activity and effectiveness for each social media channel–ensuring outstanding results.

Additional Internet Marketing Services to ensure you reach your business goals

Google Semantic Search: TF-IDF Analysis

The Rules have changed: 60% of searches are now done with mobile devices. As of March 2021 all websites are ranked by Google using their Mobile-First standard. If a site isn't mobile responsive it negatively impacts search engines rankings. To be successful the website must be compliant with the "Mobile First Semantics Search" requirements.

The number of websites competing for top ranking positions is expanding rapidly. What is required to achieve those high ranking search results have become much more competitive.

LPH assigns an SEO Expert who understands all the ranking factors; they do extensive keyword research to create targeted TF-IDF optimized content to get the highest rankings with semantics focused Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Own Your Market Niche

No matter where your business is located, LPH's CA Marketing Agency
will ensure your business totally dominates your B2B market niche with the LPH Suite of SEO and B2B Online Marketing Programs. We combine our effective SEO, attention grabbing marketing content, structured data, and metrics programs for maximum website success.

LPH marketing pros gets your website the very highest search engine rankings We converte your targeted visitors into customers with great website marketing copy.

The LPH SEO company helps visitors do business with you vs. your competition. LPH is here to assist you in every marketing aspect including local SEO, page SEO, national SEO, SEO services. The services include an excellent marketing strategy, advising on blog post content, and link building strategies.

Advanced Visitor Metrics

LPH's California Search Engine Optimization Agency
knows tracking your website’s visitor conversion rate is crucial to ensuring the pages are functioning at the highest level. The LPH Metrics program, in conjunction with Google analytics, provides the metrics and search analytics needed to make well informed Internet marketing decisions.

LPH's CA Marketing Agency consultants are armed with concise data. This enables actions to be taken to consistently improve your website's effectiveness.

Website Competitor Analysis & Competitive Intelligence

Website Visitor Analytics is an important component of website competitor analysis.

LPH's digital marketing agency useswebsite visitor analytics to track your competitors - alerts you to any up tick in their search engine rankings and provides you with a web development strategy to outperform them.

Outbound Metrics Based Marketing

Keeping in touch with existing and potential customers is key to any business’s marketing success.

LPH Outbound Marketing manages your outbound email marketing campaigns so you can focus on providing the products or services your customers need.

Mobile Responsive Website Design

LPH creates custom designed mobile responsive websites– promoting your business in a professional manner at an affordable investment.

LPH's California SEO Experts ensure all web designs are created with a structure compatible with incorporating social media marketing and obtaining high rankings. Mobile responsive and Google Core Web Vitals compliance are absolute requirements with Google's Mobile-First ranking strategy.

Learn how LPH can help you increase your business with B2B website marketing strategies that ensure success.
Contact us today or call 949-497-8716 and begin enjoying more profitable business from your website.

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