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Your search rankings go up with LPH Search Engine Optimization. With the LPH Search Engine Optimization Program we:

  • Take the time to understand your business and what sets you apart
  • Interview your marketing person to fully understand your products and services
  • Develop Search Optimized Meta tags
  • Create marketing copy that is compliant with search engine optimization rules
  • Search Optimize your marketing copy
  • Do periodic submissions to Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the major search engines
  • Provide Monthly Comprehensive Search Ranking Reports

The Search Ranking Optimization programmakes your website more visible, secures higher rankings, and creates more business.

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Digital Marketing Experts

The LPH Digital Marketing program experts:

  • Develop a marketing strategy that includes content marketing that targets your key markets
  • Create the optimized High Search Ranking marketing copy to raise search rankings
  • Work to create an effective visible presence on social media as part of a total social media marketing campaign
  • Manage effective use of digital media for various digital channels
  • Effectively present your company's USP - Unique Selling Position
  • Set your business apart from the competition
  • Work on increasing traffic and reducing the bounce rate for website visitors
  • Convert more visitors into new customers
  • Increase sales volume and lower the cost of acquiring new customers

By having search ranking optimized marketing copy that describes your business effectively, visitors to your website will not just visit, but stay and learn why your business has the best offerings.