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Metrics Based Marketing

Totally dominate your niche market with LPH's all encompassing SEO and Niche Marketing programs that:
Metrics Based Marketing
  • Get your website the very highest search engine rankings
  • Convert your target account visitors into customers with great B2B marketing copy
  • Make them understand why they should do business with you vs. the competition
LPH's  ABM (Account Based Marketing) staff uses marketing analytics to assist your sales and marketing team in converting target accounts into customers.  A well thought out target market plan for your product or service creates more business opportunities with marketing analytics helping shape the plan to dominate your market niche. Target account based marketing assists your marketing and sales team in reducing the sales cycle and increasing sales.

Account based marketing metrics allows our experts to measure success on a specific account based marketing activity. This metrics based approach guarantees that all marketing decisions are data driven. The LPH account based marketing team zeros in on the product or service niche market you want dominate to ensure you reach your target accounts.

Forward looking businesses use LPH Hosted and Customized CRM as a structure to for marketing automation to track their sales department's activities. The LPH Customized CRM  employs a system to conduct outbound account-based marketing activities with traceable  results.

Choose the LPH Own Your Market Niche program to take advantage of the combination of four important account based marketing offerings:
  1. Search Engine Optimize your website - Elevate Your Search Engine Rankings: The LPH Search Engine Optimization SEO Program is included in Included in the Content Marketing Program and provides the most relevant elements needed to get the highest search engines rankings. LPH is the SEO Company you want to work for you; we assign a SEO expert who, using best SEO practices, provides search engine optimized copy that gets top SERP results.
  2. Content Marketing Expertise - Pump Up Your Website Business: Getting visitors to your site is only part of the equation–getting them to stay there is the key. With the PUYWB Internet Marketing Program when visitors go to your site they’ll know what your USP (Unique Selling Position) is. This means they’ll understand why they should do business with you. Combining this with search engine optimized marketing copy gives your website rankings a further boost.
  3. Structured Data - Rise to the Search Engine Ranking Pinnacle: Structured data, a form of rich snippets, gives Google Search a way to standardize information about a page and classify its content. LPH experts apply structured data with Schema Microdata–a Google, Bing and Yahoo requirement–making sure sites with search engine optimized content AND Schema Microdata to get to the top of these key search engines’ listings. 
  4. TF-IDF gets the highest rankings with semantics focused search engines: LPH uses our TF-IDF tools  combined with extensive SEO experience to perform a TF-IDF analysis on entire semantic term groups instead of individual search terms. Our TF-IDF clients' websites out perform their competitors search engine rankings.
Why do you want to have the very highest search engine rankings and own your market niche?
Higher SERP rankings

Google statistics tell us the payoff:
  • Page 1 listings provide 19 x's better click through rate than Page 2 listings
  • Page 1 listings provide 83 x's better click through rates than Page 3 listings

Each of our niche market and B2B marketing analytics offerings gets your website in a dominant niche market position with high rankings and converts visitors into customers. When you combine the four niche offerings together for your product or service you have a website with the highest search engine rankings presenting a very effective marketing message. Combining all the program aspects  allows you to out position and outsmart your competition and OWN your market niche.

Very High Search Engine Rankings + Effective Marketing Message = OWN Your Market niche

LPH OWN Your Market Niche Program Investment
One Time Investment


*Reflects Savings over investing in each program individually


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