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The LPH SEO Agency delivers Search Engine Optimization SEO and performs Search Engine Submissions to have you Own Your Market Niche

Totally dominate your niche market by combining the most critical of LPH's programs saving you over the individual program investments and rapidly:

  • Getting your website the very highest SERP rankings
  • Converting your target account visitors into customers with effective B2B marketing copy
  • Making them understand why they should do business with you vs. the competition
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The LPH Own Your Market Niche program is combination of five critical account based SEO/marketing programs that assist small businesses and medium sized businesses succeed with a reduced investment:

  • 1. Search Engine Submissions that Elevates Your SERP: LPH is the SEO Company you want to working for your business. Using advanced SEO practices an experienced SEO consultant performs keyword research and creates high quality SEO content that gets your site top SERP results. In addition sitesmaps are created. Submissions of your website and sitemap is done immediately. Repeated submissions are also scheduled.
  • 2. Marketing Content that Pumps Up Your Website Business: Getting visitors to your site is only part of having Internet success. The LPH high quality Optimized Online Marketing Content copy providing visitors with a great user experience. That will keep your visitors engaged getting them to stay on your website. Visitors will understand your USP (Unique Selling Position) and why they should do business with you.
  • 3. SEO Program: SEO online marketing copy enhances your website rankings. The LPH SEO Program is included in the Content Marketing Program. It provides all the elements needed for an online presence that gets the highest search results with the search engines. This provides the visitors your website needs to be successful..
  • 4. Structured Data facilitates a Rise to the SEO Ranking Pinnacle: Structured data,aka Microdata and Json, a form of rich snippets, gives Google Search a way to standardize information about a page and classify its content. LPH experts apply structured data with Schema Microdata. That is a Google, Bing and Yahoo requirement ensuring your website content is correctly classified.. LPH optimized content AND Schema Microdata get your website the organic search results with the search engines that your business needs.
  • 5 The LPH Semantics Search Program gets the highest rankings with semantics focused search engines: LPH uses our sophisticated TF-IDF tools combined with extensive SEO experience to perform a TF-IDF analysis.The analysis focuses on entire semantic term groups instead of individual search terms. This is a total site semantic optimization process. Our TF-IDF clients' websites dramatically out perform their competitors in the semantics SERP marketplace.

Why do you want to have the very highest SEO rankings and own your market niche?

Google statistics tell us the payoff:

  • Page 1 listings provide 19 x's better click through rate than Page 2 listings
  • Page 1 listings provide 83 x's better click through rates than Page 3 listings

Very High SEO Rankings plus an Effective Marketing Message allow you to OWN Your Market niche

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