Best CRM for small business & scalable accommodating all your customer relationship management needs

The Best CRM System Totally Adapted To Your Company's Exact Management System Requirements

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LPH offers the Best CRM that is fully Customized CRM . T\the customer relationship management system with functionality to ensure your organization manages all customer interactions effectively.

LPH offers the best CRM system with functional parity with SalesForce Lightning Enterprise. LPH best CRM saves you $1350 per user/per year

LPH SuiteCRM is hosted CRM. LPH offers very affordable customization to work effectively in your business environment. The LPH custom CRM system resides on our high performance servers. Your instance of CRM will always have the latest version of SuiteCRM. .Evaluate all the CRM systems including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. We are certain you will find The LPH CRM that is modified to your needs to be the best CRM system. The customized CRM system with all the functionality of the other CRM systems at a much more reasonable investment..

Detailed information about the functionality and investment for LPH's CRM system may be found at

LPH offers CRM with a reasonable setup and customization investment, coupled with a very affordable monthly per user fee. It makes the LPH solution the best CRM system and very affordable to small and medium sized businesses..

Customized open source CRM, image hosted CRM customixed to your exact requirements

LPH CRM setup includes all the functions listed below adapted to your exact requirements:

  • CRM Lead, Contact, Opportunity and Account layouts.
  • CRM Email templates.
  • CRM Team management - to control access to accounts and information.
  • CRM Campaigns - to effectively manage Email and direct mail campaigns.
  • CRM Users - input their data and assign to a Team(s).
  • Email setup.
  • Role management - define the roles for Teams and Users.
  • Target Lists - defines who receives Campaign information.
  • Quote capabilities.
  • Contract capabilities.
  • Invoice capabilities.

Interactive training is included in the CRM setup. LPH provides access to easy to follow step by step CRM tutorials with screen shots. At the CRM training conclusion managers are able to add/edit Campaigns, Email templates, Roles and Users.

Users are able to efficiently add new clients and client data into the system, add new Target Lists, and use Campaigns to effectively and efficiently communicate with clients.

LPH has an effective CRM system process to import contacts from ACT, Goldmine, Outlook, and Salesforce into LPH SuiteCRM. The import client data program is available on an affordable RFQ basis, providing a smooth transition to Best CRM avail bale .

Other CRM platforms may have significant ongoing costs. The ongoing investment with the LPH SuiteCRM solution is $39.50 per month per user.

Please contact LPH about your CRM System needs and get an effective CRM system that is customized for your business requirements..

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