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LPH Google Semantic Search and Mobile First Indexing start with a TF-IDF Analysis

The Online Marketing Rules have Changed!

B2B Internet Marketing is now a Mobile First Semantic Search Environment - over 60% of website visits are with mobile devices

TF-IDF optimization gets the highest SEO rankings with Google, Yahoo & Bing

With the advent of social media combined with the number of websites competing for top ranking positions is expanding rapidly and the ways to achieve those high ranking search results have evolved.

Google and the other prominent search engines now use linguistic data sets to assist in understanding "entity salience" on web pages. Simply stated: how often related terms are used on a page determines how important a specific subject is.

Today, instead of individual search terms, true website optimization requires a focus on entire semantic term groups. Ranking search term results now requires a much more sophisticated process.

Semantic Search
Google Semantic Search

* TF-IDF is an abbreviation for "Term Frequency - Inverse Document Frequency."

It is used to measure the importance of a given keyword on a page and throughout the entire website.

One of the ways that this aids in Google searches is by identifying and disqualifying lower-quality content.

Methods like keyword stuffing are more easily flagged with a TF-IDF weighing scheme, which uses term frequency and their predetermined weighted relationships to determine quality.

This means that search engines like Google have a good idea of what words statistically go together and make semantic correlations, which is used to deliver excellent search results with verbal queries.

Mobile First Indexing

By looking at the search term usage stats of most of your website pages AND your highest ranking competitors, LPH SEO experts provide an analysis using TF-IDF showing:

  • Search terms most important and relevant to your product or service
  • Important search terms in the optimum TF-IDF range of your highest ranking competitors
  • TF-IDF frequency of your website search terms.

How can you do a better job to convey your message at every organic search touch point your customers encounter?

The idea is to create targeted content related to the entity of your product line, which interests users and fills gaps in organic visibility. The goal is to become a valuable source of information for your customers, build your semantic authority in the “eyes”of the search engines and then become search engines' go-to guru on your products or services.

LPH SEO experts have extensive search engine optimization experience which they combined with sophisticated methodologies necessary to get high rankings. This fusion of Semantic SearchTF-IDF and good B2B content marketing helps us get your website the highest rankings in very competitive situations.

Our process includes analyzing the most meaningful terms of your highest ranking competitors and identifies online competitors you may not be aware of. Armed with TF-IDF data, a highly trained SEO expert will do information retrieval, then revise and test your website until it out performs your competitors.

A Mobile First Indexing can be done to existing Website Optimized Marketing copy or done when new B2B Internet marketing copy is created for your website.

The LPH Google Semantic Search TF-IDF process will provide your website with:

  • Higher rankings with Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Greater number of visitors
  • Increased business and profits
Page investment, ( TF-IDF Optimization for three terms) on a Website optimized page


Get your website very visible in the new Google Semantic Search and mobile first indexing search by engaging LPH to use our sophisticated TF-IDF tools and extensive Search Search Engine Optimization experience to increase your profits
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