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Mobile Responsive Websites with fast loading speeds are critical in Google’s Mobile First Ranking Environment.

What is responsive design?
A mobile responsive website automatically adapts to any device screen size.

Why is it important? Over 60% of website visits are done with mobile devices.
When mobile visitors go on a website that is not mobile responsive they LEAVE.

In addition, a page's loading speed is very critical. The latest Google research tells us53% of visitors leave a website that takes 3 seconds to load.

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To ensure our clients out compete their competitors in the Mobile First search environment all LPH responsive web designs have a Page Speed Score of "A" and a page loading time of 2 seconds or less.

How do I know if my site is mobile responsive?

You can test you site with Google and Bing tests Google Mobile Responsive Test and Bing Mobile Responsive Test

Make sure to test each page of your site.

Or contact us; we’ll do the testing for you and send you the results.

If your website doesn't pass the mobile responsive test our design and coding staff can make it compliant.

How can I tell how quickly my site loads?

Find out if your website loads in under 3 seconds (all LPH designed websites load in under 2 seconds) with this Website Page Speed Loading Test. Or contact us; we’ll do the testing for you and send you the results.

If your website doesn't pass the speed loading test our design and coding staff can speed up the loading to under 2 seconds.

LPH  Professional Website Designs help bring new business.

LPH creates optimized custom designed mobile responsive websites–promoting your business in a professional manner at an affordable investment.

All designs are built with a structure compatible with obtaining high search engine rankings.

Our Website Developers USE:

  • Creativity in website making to best represent your business
  • HTML5 search friendly code. Neither CMS or WordPress –even with plugins–are as search engine optimization flexible
  • Mobile responsive website coding
  • Fast website design and coding with every page guaranteed to load in under 2 seconds

With LPH responsive web designs your site has an appearance that well represents your business AND is very visible on the Internet.

Our web design team structures and formats your marketing content for maximum impact.
Contact us today
and let our team create a mobile responsive website that represents your business and brings in new business.

LPH Internet design references are available upon request.

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Custom web design mobile responsive websites using HTML5 and CSS

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