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The LPH Outbound Marketing and Outsourced Marketing Program

Keeping in contact with existing and potential customers is key to any business’s marketing success.

In today’s busy environments many people are not available for face to face or phone meetings. Targeted email with meaningful content is an excellent way to stay in touch with them.

The LPH Outsourced Marketing Program creates a structure that provides an ongoing way to:

  • Regularly present information about products to existing customers.
  • Reach out to potential new customers.
  • Track the results of those outreach efforts.

LPH manages all of your outbound email marketing campaigns including creating ongoing outsource content creation. This allows you to focus on providing the products and/or services you want your customers to buy from your business.

A key part of any effective marketing strategy includes inbound marketing, social media and content marketing.

A coordinated inbound and outbound marketing efforts will aid in lead generation and additional profits

When you engage LPH marketing team to function as your Marketing Department. The Outsourced Marketing Program does your Outbound Marketing:

  • Set up a CRM dedicated to your outbound marketing efforts
  • Import your client database*
  • Create one email template per month to include logos or images and an effective message focusing on the product or service you wish to emphasize
  • Send out the Monthly CRM email campaign to the entire client database (Up to 2,000 contacts with a guaranteed open rate of 30% included in the base monthly investment)
  • Present actionable feedback with reports to include:
    • Who opened the emails.
    • Who clicked on product or service embedded links and which product or service.
    • Customer follow up information.

One CRM Seat is included. Additional users may be added.

  • Client to supply database in LPH specified format (CSV).
  • Access to CRM system used to send email campaigns with full access to all data.
  • All CRM data may be viewed by client management.
  • CRM system can be used to enter notes, schedule activities and manage/edit/add accounts.

LPH Outbound Marketing ensures that existing and potential customers are:

  • Up to date with products or services you want to emphasize.
  • Trade shows you are attending.
  • Relevant company news.

Email tracking information makes follow up easy. Your company can focus on website visitors that have the best return.

Free up your time to focus on your business and let LPH manage your outbound email marketing
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