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California marketing experts

is key to our Mission

The LPH Mission, as an  Internet Marketing company, provides a full complement of marketing programs to ensure our client’s success. Each program our California marketing experts tailor for your marketing requirements is designed to function within our customers’ budgets and to achieve their business goals.

We work closely with our clients to have an excellent understanding of their businesses. Once this is achieved, we commit to creating a very visible web presence for them— developing a powerful marketing message to generate targeted traffic to their site. Our ultimate commitment is ensuring a significant percentage of our customers' visitors become their customers.

We are a

California Internet marketing Agency

  that uses multiple modalities to:
  • Secure high rankings for our clients’ websites to generate more visits by potential customers.
  • Create a very effective marketing message that converts more visitors into customers.
  • Generate advanced website visitors metrics, using statistical data to create a more focused marketing effort.
  • Take full responsibility for marketing messages and outbound client contact—enabling our customers to focus on running their businesses.
  • Improve our clients' position in the marketplace and increase their profitability.
Who are we?

California marketing experts

Founded in 1998, LPH Internet Services is an California Digital Marketing Agency providing complete website marketing solutions. Jack Powers and
Sylvia Newton-Robbins, the two principals of LPH, are highly motivated and skilled marketing professionals with over 55 years combined experience in
Sales and Marketing in a variety of manufacturing and service-related industries. We understand our customers and their businesses-we’ve worked
 in the majority of their same environments.

Our clients see us as a cost effective marketing agency that uses:
  • well thought out marketing strategy
  • SEO services
  • Social media marketing
  • search engine optimization
  • creative web development
  • link building

California Internet Marketing Agency that gets


Our sales, marketing, and overall business knowledge has led to the success of clients such as Artcraft Welding, a Bay Area manufacturing firm who began
using our services in 2005. Today Artcraft secures over $1 million per year in initial sales from new customers visiting their website. Additionally, Artcraft is
getting significant follow-on business from these new customers


California Internet Marketing Agency

has a process that works by:

As we begin a project, LPH takes the time to understand your business. We focus on understanding the unique selling position, the products and services–placing special emphasis on where an increase in sales volume is most beneficial.

 We function as a California marketing Agency with a well thought out marketing strategy providing:

  • online marketing
  • content marketing
  • inbound marketing
  • email marketing
  • social media marketing
  • outbound marketing

Our specially-designed marketing questionnaire and interview techniques help us understand what makes our clients unique when compared to others who may offer the same products or services. Your marketing message is incorporated into the meta tag keywords and incorporated into your website copy enhancing your website's search rankings (Elevate Your Website Rankings and Pump Up Your Website Business programs).

Our California marketing Agency  goal is not just to attract website traffic, but to convert more of that traffic into business opportunities. We offer a Complete Marketing Program to effectively manage the business opportunities and maximize profits. Also offered is OWN your Market Niche that will allow your company to totally dominate your market niche with this all encompassing program

It's no wonder that LPH Internet Services is a top choice of marketing agencies for businesses who want effective, reasonably-priced marketing and SEO solutions that dramatically increase their sales. We have been privileged to assist companies from San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Rome.

See how you can increase your business with a reasonable investment. Make LPH your partner in success.  Contact us today  at   949-497-8716   or email  and begin enjoying more profitable business from your website.