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Support & Technical Information

At LPH we are committed to providing the very best on-line support possible. Our company provides website and email hosting services: in other words we are the "garage" where you park your "car," in this case your website. Many common issues may be resolved by following one of the tutorials listed below.

LPH provides advanced web site management capabilities via the CPanel user interface. Please go to the CPanel site for detailed information on all aspects of setting up and using various web hosting functions.

Listed below are detailed instruction on how to use the most often used CPanel functions, complete with screen shots. In addition to these there are video tutorials for CPanel at

LPH doesn't have the staffing for computer or phone support, which helps us keep our website hosting costs to you down. As a courtesy, we have provided tutorials on setting up email accounts on your computer and smart phone. Please consult with your Internet Service provider or cell phone company if you have any issues related to that.

If you are unable to locate the information you need on the CPanel site or need Technical Support (related to your website) please complete the form below and we will respond quickly.

User-Friendly Cpanel Instructions - with screen shots to make using the Cpanel functions a very easy process

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