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, Optimized Meta tags & and a periodic

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  Elevates Your Website Rankings–Bringing Potential Customers to Your website

Excellent Search Engine Rank Reporting Options:
# 1.Complete Monthly Rank Reporting of all Pertinent Search Terms
#2. Enhanced/Comprehensive Monthly Rank Reporting that includes #1, Google Analytics and much more

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The Elevate Your Website Rankings Program ensures that your website is continuously ranked higher in the SERP (Search Engines Ranking Page). This means more website traffic and customers for your business.

Regularly scheduled search engine submissions is a key ranking factor to ensure your website has high rankings. In addition, Search Engine Optimization of Meta tags is an another important aspect to having high website rankings.

Studies have shown that web users have more confidence in websites listed in the free SERP (search engine results) page than PPC (pay per click).
Getting high rankings in the free SERP is more economical and yields better search engine ranking results.

The LPH program includes search engine submissions, review of search engine rankings on all key search terms  and periodic updates to the Meta tags to enhance search engine rankings. LPH understands the digital marketing ranking rules.

Our SEO experts have the SEO experience and the analytical tools to develop the correct and compliant keywords, titles and descriptions for your website. LPH will review and analyze your website’s Meta tags and make improvements (or create Meta tags if your website does not have them) to assist in getting ranked high.

Our SEO consulting services also include social media and media marketing. Your website will rank higher and have excellent search results. Our program–combined with content marketing and link building–is an excellent solution for any company that wants high rankings in the search results.

LPH SEO Experts do online marketing keyword research as a part of the search engine submission process that provides consistent high rankings that drives traffic to your website.

The LPH Elevate Your Website Rankings search engine consulting services includes:
  • An analysis of your website
  • An interview with your marketing person to understand the products and services you want to focus on (for Meta tag development focus)
  • Key word research - analytic process to aid in the development of effective Meta tags.
  • Periodic submission of your website for 12 months to ALL of the following major search engines (Who account for over 96% of the searches on the Internet):

    search engine optimization seo
Each of them have different rules for how often and how to submit your website. The most important of them require human intervention (fill in CAPTCHA data) at the point of submitting and then responding to a confirmation email to complete the submission process. LPH follows all the submission rules to assure your website gets high Google rankings

As part of the program, LPH provides twelve (12) monthly Ranking Reports, supplying a complete listing of your website's SERP rankings with Google, Yahoo, and Bing..

For about $13.00 a week your website can have excellent SERP rankings and generate the traffic your business needs.

LPH Search Engine Ranking Investments


Search Engine Ranking Setup Investment: Marketing research, product/service priority interview with your marketing person, analysis of your website, competitive analysis, Meta tag keyword phrase development and application to your website. Program set up with completely different sets of Meta tags on 4 web pages. An option for additional Meta tags on additional pages is available.
One Time Investment:


Search Engine Ranking Complete Monthly Reports and Periodic Submissions to Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the major players (All listed search engines submitted in compliance with the all the individual companies submission rules)
12 Complete Monthly Rank Reporting of all Pertinent Search Terms, periodic tweaks to the Meta tags included
Annual Investment:


Search Engine Ranking Comprehensive Monthly Rank Reporting Setup Additional Investment: All services included in Search Engine Ranking Setup and:* Setup Google Analytics Account * Place Google Analytics code on all web pages * Integrate Google Analytics into Reporting system.
One time Investment:


Search Engine Ranking Comprehensive Monthly Rank Reporting  Investment: All services included in Search Engine Ranking Complete Reporting and:* Google Analytics data * Number of visits to each page *Number of visits per specific search term * Number of competitors per search term        Annual Additional Investment:


Option: LPH Review and Phone Consultation re: Search Engine Ranking Comprehensive Monthly Rank Reporting Results: LPH will review the previous quarter's results, prepare recommendations based on the data and conduct a phone consultation of up to one hour with the marketing/sales person(s) designated.
Quarterly Consultation  Investment - billed annually:


Get high SERP Rankings & Rank Reporting with LPH Search Engines Submissions


Many of our clients also choose to have the LPH Internet Marketing Program performed on their key pages. Our SEO Experts create a coherent focused marketing message that is search engine optimized giving your rankings an additional boost while greatly improving the convert visitor to customer ratio.

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