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Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Submissions
Reporting & Constant Report Monitoring
and Frequent Data-based Website Updates Elevate Your Website Rankings

    Studies show web users have more confidence in websites listed in the organic ranking pages than PPC (pay per click) .
    To ensure high rankings and bring in new business LPH SEO consultants:
  • Periodic technical SEO analysis of your website.
  • Revise your sitemap.
  • Update website Metadata.
  • As business goals evolve revise the SEO strategy.
  • Regularly scheduled manual submissions via Google Search Console.
  • Regularly scheduled manual submissions via Bing Webmaster Tools.

  • Regularly scheduled search engine submissions are necessary to get your business to the top of the SERP.
    Do you want a national SEO campaign or are focused on local search?
    Our team has a SEO strategy to get your business to the top of the SERP.

  • AND getting free SERP high rankings is more economical–a win win.
  • With over 22 years of experience LPH is the best SEO company to help you achieve excellent on page SEO results. Replace expensive adword spending with LPH's digital marketing to achieve high Google's organic search results.
  • LPH SEO experts have the SEO experience and the analytical tools to develop the correct, compliant and most effective Meta tag keywords, titles and descriptions. This helps ensure your website has high rankings with the search engine with frequently searched for terms ..
  • Once the correct meta tags are developed, LPH Submissions ensure your website is continuously ranked higher in the SERP.
Search Engine Submissions, Affordable SEO Services

How do we do it? The LPH SEO Consultants:

  • Perform an analysis of your website and your major online competitors.
  • Conduct an interview with your marketing person to understand your key products and/or services.
  • Execute analytic Key word research to aid in the development of effective Meta tags and marketing content.
  • Create and periodically updates your sitemap. The sitemap provides search engines with information about the relative importance of each page and how often specific pages are updated..
  • Also creates a robots.txt file to restrict Google, Yahoo and Bing from spidering unimportant data. This saves valuable spidering budget time. Important because spiders only allocate milliseconds to spider a website.
  • Provide manual periodic website submissions for 12 months. Using Google Webmaster tools and Bing Webmaster tools to submit to Google, Yahoo, and Bing, who account for 96% of all searches.

Google, Yahoo and Bing have different rules for how often and how to submit; LPH follows all the submission rules to ensure your website gets high Google, Yahoo and Bing search rankings.

    As part of the program LPH provides:

  • Twelve (12) monthly Ranking Reports with complete listing of your website's SERP rankings.
  • LPH staff review of each monthly Ranking Reports to monitor any changes in your website's SERP rankings.
  • The Google algorithms change constantly and may may affect SERP rankings. If that occurs the LPH team makes appropriate adjustments to the Meta tags and website content.
  • On an annual basis the LPH team does a "deep dive" into all aspects of elements that impact organic rankings. That includes Meta tags and marketing copy. LPH updates all website elements to ensure your website ranks high..

For a very reasonable investment your website can have excellent SERP rankings and generate the traffic your business needs.

Search Engine Ranking Setup

Marketing research, product/service priority interview with marketing person, website analysis, competitive analysis, Meta tag keyword research and phrase development/website application.

Search Engine Ranking/Periodic Submissions/Constant Monitoring

12 Complete Monthly Ranking Reports of all Search Terms/constant monitoring/ periodic edits to Meta tags and content to ensure compliance with the latest requirements.

LPH Optional affordable SEO Services
Google Analytics Account Setup and Reporting

Javascript tracking code to also collect Google search results about your website visitors/ their interactions.
Each report will also include the following search volume statistics: Number of visits to each page, Number of visits per specific search term, Number of competitors per search term

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