Competitor Analysis that includes monitoring competitors link building and social media efforts

LPH Experts Check Competitor Website Traffic with Competitor Intelligence Tools

Have you ever wondered how your website stacks up against the competition?

Website Competitor Research is an important component of business intelligence. It lets you know where your competitors rank with search terms relevant to your business.
LPH experts perform competitor research analysis critical to maintaining and improving your competitive search engine ranking advantage AND gives you insights to developing your business website marketing strategy.

With the Competitor Intelligence Program an LPH analyst maintains a vigilant posture for you.

As competitors make changes LPH SEO experts track how those changes affect their rankings and devises a strategy to outperform them.

Competitor Web Traffic Analysis

To ensure your company maximizes its website marketing potential you must:

  • • Be aware of your competitors’ website improvements on a continuing basis
  • • Understand the impact they have on their search engine rankings
  • • Implement changes to out perform your competitors and track the impact

LPH experts check your competitor's website traffic with sophisticated tools to:

  • • Research your top 10 competitors
  • • Provide a monthly competitor web traffic analysis report showing competitors' websites ranking relative to yours
  • • Create an overview analysis of monthly (and previous months) report data illuminating individual competitor's website trends
  • • Recommend business strategies to effectively outperform them

The LPH Competitive Marketing Intelligence Program gives you the edge you need to out perform your competitors.

Maximize Your Website's Marketing Potential with LPH Competitor Marketing Intelligence
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