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SEO experts

  deliver Effective

Search Engine Optimization

That Delivers the Internet Traffic Your Business Needs

Search Engine Optimization

is necessary to achieve the highest rankings
& to be the most successful on the Internet

Search Engine Optimized Content is a critical element in getting high search engine results

The very start of the  SEO process is determining which search terms will most benefit your business. Functioning as a marketing agency and operating on your behalf a LPH SEO expert selects the most effective search terms for your business our SEO experts do research on how many searches are done for each possible relevant search term. Next your LPH SEO expert determines the Keyword Competitive Index (KCI) for each relevant search term. The KCI shows the relationship between the number of searches and the number of competitors for a specify term. Relevant search term selection is based on finding the “sweet spot” where a term has a large number of searches and fewer competitors.

Because most searches are now done with mobile devices Google and the other search engines are focusing on semantics search that is centered on semantic search term groups. Making your copy marketing relate to your target market is more critical than ever. Content relevance has become a more important ranking factor. The search engines are using machine learning to determine specific user intent when searching.

The majority of searches are now done on mobile devices making a fast loading mobile responsive website mandatory. Google and the others are migrating to evaluating websites on the basis of their SEO performance on mobile.


SEO experts

deliver high SERP rankings by doing
  • Comprehensive Competitive Research Identifying the Top-Ranked Websites who are your SEO Competition
  • Extensive Keyword Research Selecting the most Effective Keywords
  • Choosing the appropriate Keywords for SEO Relevance with the most efficient KCI
  • Being mindful of the Key Considerations when Writing Optimized Website Content for SEO
  • Content marketing that is compliant with the latest optimization rules
  • Content marketing embedded with key word phrases that attract the "right" web traffic
  • Incorporated search terms, based upon LPH experience to obtain high ranking results
  • Search terms incorporated in the website in the optimum places

The LPH Search Engine Optimization SEO Program is included in Included in the Internet Website Marketing Program and provides the most relevant elements needed to get the highest search engines rankings. When you engage LPH we assign a SEO expert to become your personal SEO consultant. LPH is the SEO company you want to work for you. We assign a SEO expert who, using best SEO practices, gets top SERP results. Search engines reward websites that adhere is best practices with better search results. Your assigned SEO expert will recommend a link building strategy for your social media accounts.

The LPH SEO Program, in conjunction with the LPH SEO and Pump up Your Website Business Programs, provides everything needed to improve your website rankings and convert visitors to customers. We work with our clients to assist in cross linking with all their social media accounts. As part of our advanced TF-IDF program our SEO experts use web analytics to further boost organic search ranking.

With Google’s constant algorithm updates, LPH continuously updates our search engine optimization SEO ranking strategy to ensure our clients web pages stay at the top of the ranking search results pinnacle.

  LPH SEO Program Investment : Included in the LPH Internet Website Marketing Program

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