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Content Marketing

Attracts and Converts
More Visitors into Customers
The key to succeeding on the Internet is attracting targeted web traffic and converting visitors into customers. Having the Content Marketing, Schema Microdata and the effective meta tags drives traffic to your site and the first step to web marketing success. Linking your social media accounts to your website increases Internet visibility. LPH assists in making social media accounts more visible making the social media links to your website even more effective. Creating effective website marketing copy and formatting the marketing copy for easy readability gets website visitors to understand the benefits of doing business with your company which creates more leads, sales, and ultimately increased profits.

Internet Marketing Experts

for Over 19 Years
For over 19 Years the LPH Internet Marketing Experts have used:
  • marketing strategies for the Internet
  • content marketing
  • media marketing
  • brand awareness
content marketing, search engines

to create great content with increased brand awareness and deliver more online marketing business for their customers.

LPH has a comprehensive understanding of:
  • Making content marketing on the Internet work for your company
  • Creating content marketing copy for the Internet that is "sticky" - keeping visitors on your site longer and causing them to go deeper into your website
  • Creating an effective marketing strategy for the Internet and deploying the marketing strategy
  • Media marketing that converts website visitors into new customers
To aid in your online presence success have a LPH marketing expert create a content marketing strategy that includes:
  • Content marketing
  • Content creation
  • Google Adwords
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media marketing

LPH marketing customers have higher website visitor to customer conversion ratios—visitor “traffic” becomes actual customers. Every day we hear from customers such as Jeff R. from Hi Tech Products, Inc. who tell us, “LPH Internet Marketing and SEO programs deliver. Their marketing programs are the best advertising dollars we have ever spent.”

How does the Pump Up Your Website Business Program Work?

LPH Internet Marketing experts take the time to research and understand your business, your products & services, and the reason people should be doing business with your company vs. your competitors. Armed with that information we fashion an effective website marketing message conveying the benefits of choosing your business. All web marketing copy is also totally compliant with the website ranking rules.

The LPH Pump Up Your Website Program Benefits:
  • Effective content marketing draws more potential customers to your website
  • Our online marketing precisely defines your USP (Unique Selling Position)
  • Is "sticky” : Well written Content Marketing copy  that keeps visitors on your website longer and also increases the visitor conversion ratio
  • Content Marketing is written to quickly grab visitors’ interest and focuses on your most profitable products and services
  • Well written Marketing copy for the Internet improves your website's rankings –the LPH Search Engine Optimization Program is included in the Pump up Your Website Business program
  • Includes well crafted "Calls to Action,” ensuring a high level of response from potential customers
  • Delivers More Profitable Business
To assure maximum impact, the marketing strategy for each Pump Up Your Website Business Program is tailored to the individual client's marketing needs on the Internet.

LPH Program Investment*
Includes: Four Web pages highlighting your organization's principal marketing message and one product or service line, and includes the LPH Search Engine Optimization Program


Additional pages (per page)


*If your business does not have comprehensive print media or marketing program developed, LPH's marketing experts will provide an evaluation/proposal for a comprehensive marketing program to include: material applicable for print advertising, brochures, as well as the marketing varies based on project scope.

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