Structured Data, Schema Microdata & JSON-LD providing improved search results

Structured Data Markup: Another SEO Strategy to Achieve Website Marketing Success. LPH has the Structured Data Experts, Schema Microdata experts, and Json-LD Pros to deliver easily indexable content to Googlebot and other search spiders.

Structured Data is also known as Schema Microdata and JSON-LD– helps your Website rise to the Top of the Search Engine Rankings

  • The LPH team also includes Schema Microdata experts, and Json-LD Pros who ensure every aspect conforms with the specifications ensuring all the search engine spiders correctly interpret your website content
  • Structured data on a page helps Google understand the content of the web page. When structured data markup is implemented it provides the search engines with additional information about the meaning of a page and rewards your website with higher rankings and more traffic.
  • Google, Bing and Yahoo have agreed to standard Structured Data, Schema Microdata, and JSON-LD ranking factors created by These standards are used for classifying data and providing rich results.
  • structured data gives Google Search a way to standardize information about a page and classify its content. Microdata may also be used to enable special search result features and enhancements.
  • When standards for schema markup are correctly applied the information is organized by types, which include your product or service. Further organization is done by a combination of properties that include descriptions, images, and location.
  • Websites with structured data schema markup allow Google and the other search engines better understand the presented data. They reward your website with higher search engine rankings and including in rich results.

LPH Structured Data Program Helps you get to the top of search engines ranking results.

  • LPH Schema Markup process starts with an understanding of your product(s) and/or service(s).
  • When this is done we apply data markup using the vocabulary.
  • Once completed, the web page is checked for schema markup compliance with sophisticated data markup test tools.
  • Tests and edits to the web page continue until your page ranks higher than your competitors.

The importance of being at the very top of search results is verified with these reported Google statistics showing:

  • Page 1 ranking yields a 19 X’s higher click through rate than a listing on Page 2
  • Page 1 ranking yields a 83 X’s higher click through rate than a listing on Page 3
Structured Data Experts get websites higher SERP

When the Structured Data, Schema Microdata and JSON-LD markup process is complete LPH uses testing tools to ensure total compliance with search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo and approved Structured Data standards.

Microdata ensures success! Since engaging LPH to apply structured data to their website a Bay Area Manufacturer reports that his website now attracts 1,000 additional unique visitors a month.

Contact us today to have Microdata applied to your web pages and give them another boost to rise to the Top of the Search Engine Rankings.