LPH is pleased to provide tutorials on the best practices and marketing strategies for free online marketing success

LPH is creating a series of Free SEO Tutorials and Free Marketing Tutorials. They provide keys to higher listings with the search engines.

In addition, LPH is creating a series of Free Content Marketing tutorials. They show how attract and convert more visitors into customers.

Intelligence Free SEO Tutorials,Free Marketing Tutorials

We will be posting new Free SEO Tutorials and Free Marketing Tutorials every few weeks. Please check back often for new ideas about growing your business.

LPH is very fortunate to have wonderful people become our customers. We have mutually beneficial relationships. They engage LPH to create effective content marketing and keep them at the top of the SERP listings.
In turn our clients have greatly expanded business opportunities and increased profits.

Thank you to everyone who has allowed us to assist them in achieving their website marketing goals with the search engines and have success.

Now it is our opportunity to pay it forward by providing free tutprials. Some focus on making your business more visible on the Internet. Some focus on effective content marketing to meke your business more profitable.
These tutorials will benefit businesses just getting started–or aren't yet able to afford SEO and Marketing Experts.

The purpose of developing the tutorials is to to allow people or businesses, without a budget and that have time to learn, an opportunity to increase the search engine visibility of their website with the search engines. /also show ingmethods of improving your marketing message with high quality content so visitors are prompted to visit your website. Learning how to have great search results with organic search is critical especially for Google search. Social media marketing has become an important part of digital marketing.Great social media marketing insights are being added. Read the important search engine keyword research suggestions on how to make your website more visible with search engines.

The tutorials contain information about :

  • Best practices for social media success.
  • Keyword research.
  • Where to find free tools..
  • Creating a marketing strategy.
  • Email marketing.
  • Online marketing tips.
  • Digital marketing insights.

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to create great content and deliver more online marketing business for  our customers

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