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IMAP Setup Instructions

If you currently have a POP3 email account setup on your computer
you must delete the account before you set up the IMAP account.

To set up a IMAP email Account:
Open Outlook
Click: Tools/Account Settings/New
The Window below will display

IMAP info
Click Next. The Window below will display.
Check the manually configure box (circled in red)
Click Next

IMAP instruction

The Window below will display
Select Internet Email.
Click Next.

IMAP set up
The Window below will display.
Select IMAP from the dropdown.
Fill in:
1. your name
2. complete email address
3. Incoming and Outgoing email server (mail.yourwebsite.com)
4. user name (complete email address and password)
Click on More Settings (circled in red)

set up IMAP
The Window on the left below will display.
Check "Purge" (checked in red).
Click on the Outgoing server Tab
Check My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
Select Use same setting as my incoming mail server.
Click on the Folders Tab.

setting up IMAP

The Window below will display.
Select the folder you want to store the emails (as illustrated below).

IMAP tweaks

Click on the Advanced Tab.
Fill in Incoming server (IMAP) with 443.
Fill in Outgoing server with 587. Click OK.
IMAP ports
The Window below will display.

IMAP email

Click Next. The Window below will display.

IMAP account

Click Finish and the IMAP Account Setup is complete.
IMPORTANT: Set up an IMAP email account on all of your devices.
Instructions for cell phones and tablets may vary.
Check with your Internet Service Provider (Cox, Verizon, etc.)if there are setup questions.

If you decide to setup a IMAP email account please know the purpose of a IMAP email account is NOT to be permanent stoage of emails.
There are companies that offer free virtually unlimited email acccounts. The problem your email data is mined and sold.
LPH respects and guards your privacy. All website data and email account data is stored on RAID servers - real time back up of all data to other disk drives. Also all data is backed up daily, weekly and monthly with signifigant bandwidth and storage costs.

Emails that are older than 30/60 days with access not needed in multiple locations with multiple devices should be stored locally.

IMPORTANT: See Managing IMAP Disk Space Instructions- failure to manage the IMAP data will cause your account to reach capacity