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Outlook Sending a copy of outgoing emails to another account using Outlook Rules

There may be a situation where you wish to have a copy of all emails sent from a specific email account sent to another email account. This rule must be set up on the computer where the emails are being sent from.

The information is provided as a courtesy to LPH hosting services clients. If (after following the instructions) you are unable to set-up your email rules, please consult Microsoft Outlook Help. If you are not able to set-up or edit your Outlook Rules please contact your IT support resource. LPH doesn't have the support staff--nor charge fees-- that allow for support staffing to solve email rule issues on client computers.

1. Open Outlook and Click on tools (version 2007 images are displayed)  The Outlook information structure may vary from version to version.
2. Click on Rules and Alerts
3. Click on New Rule
Outlook Rules

4. The rules wizard will display. Click Check Messages after sending.
copy of outgoing emails
5. Click Next. The rules wizard will display. Click "On this machine only"
Outlook rules wizard
6. Click next. Click on "CC the message to people...". The rule address book will display to the right. Select the email address that you want all out going emails to be  CC and click "To", which will populate the sent to field. Click "OK". Click Finish
copy of outgoing emails
The menus below will display. Don't make any selection.
outgoing emails copy process
7. Click on Finish. All emails sent from the computer with this rule will send a copy of all emails to the specified account.