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Protect Your Website Password

Take the correct steps to avoid having your website's password compromised:

1. Never store your password to allow an automatic log in.

2. Don't use password saver programs to store passwords�it's the first place viruses look for  passwords.

3. Frequently change the password; use a complex password with upper and lower cases, numbers and symbols. Example: Gew#Ws56R@wg$hy

4. To prevent a computer virus, keep your antivirus software up to date. If your computer does have virus, and you log on to the website, the virus may be able to read the password.

If your password is compromised and damage done to your website, LPH will assist you in getting the damage repaired.

There is a fee of $95.00 per hour (or partial hour) for repairing or restoring your website. We don't want to charge this fee�PLEASE protect your password.