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LPH Servers are setup to provide the maximum protection possible for all LPH hosting accounts

Part of LPH protection of your data is preventing to the greatest extent possible hacking into your data on the LPH servers
When a hacker attempts to access your Cpanel or any email account with an incorrect password 5 times in an hour their IP is blocked - protecting your data.

If someone at your office signs into an email account with an incorrect password 5 times in an hour
the LPH servers see that as a hack attempt and block the IP
If you don't know your IP go on https//geoiplookup.net and your IP number will display
Taking care when entering the email address and password can help you avoid getting blocked. Typing the password into a plain text editor such as word pad or note pad and doing a careful copy and paste can help eliminate errors (watch for beginning and trailing spaces when copying)

Every time an IP address is blocked and LPH receives a request to unblock there is a multistep process to unblock the IP address and setup a very limited allotment of time to allow multiple attempts to enter the correct information
The first unblock is provided at no cost. (anyone can make a mistake) For each additional unblocking
of the IP there is a $35.00 fee - a partial recovery of LPH's cost of unblocking and invoicing. We don't want to have fees, however 10% of everyone we work with cause 90% of the blocked issues.

If you don't have personnel in house that are email device literate LPH has an expert who can assist on a for fee basis. LPH doesn't have a financial interest in the fee based support will connect you with an expert to be accommodating. If needed go to the Fee Based Services page

BTW the LPH associated expert is able to assist in many office and home related computer issues.