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Not Getting Emails sent to me by Specific Email Accounts


If you encounter a situation where customers tell you they have sent you emails and you are not getting them do the following:

  1. Check your spam box on your computer email program - Outlook, Thunderbird or Safari

  2. White list the email account on your email account on your computer - Outlook, Thunderbird or Safari

  3. Check your spam box on your Cpanel email account - see instructions at Check Spam Email

  4. White list the email account on Cpanel - see instructions at White list Email Accounts

  5. If you still don't get their emails follow the instructions outlined below. It is a problem on the sender's end.

>After doing steps 1 through 5 there can be a several reasons why email are not being received from specific email accounts.

It is the responsibility of the sending party to work with their email provider to check out/resolve any issues.
If your customers' email aren't getting through to your email accounts they are probably not getting through to other companies as well.
1. The customer's email server may be on a RBL - spam sending server blacklist
Their email service provider can go to https://talosintelligence.com/reputation_center/support and select IP and Domain Reputation to see if their server is on an RBL list
2. The sender's email service provider can also go on the RBL check and see if their sending IP is on an RBL list and if so work with their ISP to get resolution.
3. The sending email server may not be using DKIM and SPF - two important protocols that confirm the identity of the sender The LPH email servers have these protocols enabled for all email accounts ensuring your emails get delivered.


4. The sending email server may not have the latest and highest level of email security.
LPH servers have the latest and highest level of email security and don't accept email from servers with a low level of security - adding protection for all our customers from viruses and other harmful emails.

If you have customers that don't have hosting on the latest and highest level of email security LPH will be pleased to work with them. At no cost LPH will transfer all their data to our servers in a seamless process at a very reasonable cost of less than $3.00 per week.
 We hope this provides the answers that you can forward to your customers so they can have resolution on their end.